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Awesome Game :D
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New Donating System =]
Join Our Server Now At - Port 43594 - Thank You, Smitty

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 The New Donation !

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Founder & Owner

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PostSubject: The New Donation !   Thu Nov 05, 2009 10:32 pm

You Can Now Donate To TkoScape =]
This Week We Are Donating For: 24/7 Server

How To Donate:

1st. Goto Paypal

2nd. Enter Amount And Either Login Or Continue Without A Account.

3rd. Send Money To:

4th. Wait For Me To Confirm

The Reward

Awesome Gift Set Including:
200 Mil
All Party Hats And H'Ween Masks
Bandos Chestplate And Tasset
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The New Donation !
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